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Here is our little secret ...


Our lavender fields are located in Northeastern Bulgaria, 50 km from the town of Dobrich,  where the sun is strongest and the soils most fertile. We grow them with a lot of work and love, two important ingredients that are present in our natural products. 


It is extremely important for us to preserve the purity and natural properties of our oil. Therefore, we do not treat the fields with preparations, but apply manual hoeing and digging. In this way we do not stress these beautiful flowers and let the sun caress them gently.

It is summer, around June 30, and a strong harvest begins around noon, when the sun is at its strongest, so that the delicate and fragrant essential oil can return to the flower. And when the harvest begins, the unique and rich aroma of freshly cut lavender begins to soar in the air.


Once we have gathered our beautiful flowers from the field, it is time for the price of lavender oil to be extracted from them. In order to be able to extract it in the purest way, we use steam distillation. The process itself is like being in a spa procedure. Lavender vapors are everywhere, which make your skin uniquely soft and fragrant. 


After our lavender oil is extracted, it is analyzed in an authorized laboratory, where its quality and concentration are monitored. After successfully passing a number of tests, it is intertwined with other natural ingredients to create your   Latifolia

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